Tutoring and Coaching

Want to learn French? Or how to do voice over work and narrate audiobooks? I can help.

Here’s what some of my students have to say:


I met Jean Brassard in the late 80’s, shortly after I married a Frenchman & decided I wanted to further my meager junior-high school study of the French language. We became fast friends as he would come to my home every week, with fun little projects aimed at making me think & speak more spontaneously, while learning more & more along the way.  The marriage didn’t last (we never spoke French!) but my friendship with Jean & what I learned did (for the most part, at least) and I’m still practicing my French whenever I venture overseas to the apartment I’m currently renting in Paris, specifically to continue this education.

What Jean taught me was a deep-felt curiosity & passion for a language & culture and for that I’m forever grateful.

-Cindy Sherman, artist

As I prepared for job interviews in French, Jean was an invaluable partner in helping me correct nagging pronunciation and grammatical errors. He was extremely flexible — both in working around my schedule as well as his approach to teaching me. Long story short, I’m now living and working in Paris. Thanks, Jean!

-Brendan McGeever, internet promoter

You were key to my getting a French girl friend.  Without those hours of practice in a Soho cafe, I would have been completely unprepared for Paris.  Thankfully, our hours of bon mots and repartee insured I could hack Parisian cafe society.  How can I ever thank you enough except to tell others you have my highest recommendation.

-Steve Miller, artist

At the age of 50 I decided that I wanted to try to learn French. It was only after several unhelpful and uninspired attempts that I was lucky enough to be introduced to Jean Brassard.

Jean is not a lazy teacher. He does not apply worn and tattered methods to his work. On the contrary, with Jean (also a successful, working actor) it was a fresh and exciting journey of discovery, hard work and disciplined teaching that quickly made French a joy to learn. I actually learned!!  Jean also brought me out of my shell, so I was able to speak in public, listen and experience real live French. Jean is a thorough, diligent, caring and inspired teacher. I would recommend him a thousand times over.

-Dan Miller, owner of exhibit-e.com



Jean has been wonderful to work with and very helpful and the outcome has been very positive. I see and hear the improvements every time I do a session with him. If you are looking for someone who knows what it takes to do voice over work and teach you how to improve your skills, don’t look any further, you found him, his name is Jean Brassard.

-Martin Samuel, actor/singer/dancer