1. Gutter of love

From the recording DIX

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Gutter of love

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Music and lyric: Jean Brassard
Arrangements: Richard Maheux

Keyboards: Richard Maheux
Drums: Spencer Cohen
DBass: Daniel Loomis
Guitar: Tom Chang
Harmonica: Jean Brassard

Cover art: Micheline Parent
Cover Photo: DG Krueger



I’m down
In the gutter of love
I'm deep down
Below in the mud
And I ain’t feelin’ comfy
And I ain’t gettin' any pity
Shining down from above.

I’m gloomy, getting loony
From being so lonely
Won't you dig me
Out of this ditch?
Feeling ambushed
I'm bedeviled
And I'm bushed
Someone please,
Shovel me out of this hole!

Cuz I’m down
In the gutter of love
I've been tossed down
And rolled in the mud.
And I ain't feelin’ pretty
And I ain't gettin ’ any pity
From the garden above.

I'm hapless
And oh so restless
From having fallen
From grace
Won't you fish me
Out of this trench?
Beaten down
By the pouring rain
Someone please
I'm gettin' cold
And I'm drenched!
I’ve been ditched
In the gutter of love.

I've been ditched
In the gutter of love
Just soakin'
In a bathtub of mud
And the skies are weeping
But I ain't gettin' any pity
From the heavens above.

I know I've broken your heart
And what I did was wrong
But son of a gun
Please forgive what I've done
And take me back where I belong.
I look up from the ground
You're standing right above
Arms wide open all along.
Oh, boy...

Looks like I jumped
In the gutter of love
Once again,
Threw myself in the mud
Feeling shameful and guilty
Only felt worthy of pity
Couldn't see that
I was swimming
In an ocean of love.

Out of the gutter
Shake out of that gutter
Dive into the glory of love.