C'est une longue histoire... Yes,  a long and wild story... commencée en 1994 pour moi, avec la WWE (then the WWF.) Sent on an audition from my commercial agent in NYC, I landed the most hilarante, extraordinaire and challenging job of my life. 1994-1999 for me avec mon impeccable collègue, Raymond Rougeau, un gentleman de grand talent et générosité.

At some point in 1999, our contracts with both the Quebec and European market came to an end. Raymond started again for a couple of years and then it really was over. BUT this Summer, driving from Montreal to Quebec City, I received a call from former producer who said the WWE was ready to bring us back and become, once more, the official French-speaking voices on the WWE Network. What an opportunity to revisit an experience after 18 years that truly life-altering for me. Now more than Ever, Ray and I are thrilled to put our headsets on and get back in the saddle alongside a fantastic crew of International announcers telling the Superstars stories in Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Hindu, Chinese, Japanese, German and yes, English.

A joy and an honor!

A few pictures for now and some videos to come.