1. Without you

From the recording DIX

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Without you

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Music and lyric: Jean Brassard
Arrangements: Richard Maheux

Piano, accordion: Richard Maheux
Drums: Spencer Cohen
DBass: Daniel Loomis
Guitar: Renald Maheux
Saxophone: Igor Lumpert
Trumpet: David Scott
Harmonica: Jean Brassard

Cover art: Micheline Parent
Cover Photo: DG Krueger



Without you
Would I remember
That my heart is good
That my mind is sane?
Without you
Would my constant patter
Pile around like driftwood
And clog up my main?

You're the sole contractor
For my repair.
When spirits get low
You lighten my despair
The only one who can handle
My troubles with care
And restore my life
To la vie en rose.

Without you
Would I cause disasters
Up and down the ladders
Of my crazy brain?
Without you
Would I build my castles
High up in the heavens
On an even plane?

You're the only level
For my terrain
When all the stars get crooked
You realign my gaze
The only one who can set
My pieces in place
And restore my life
To la vie en rose.

So come on master-builder
Put on your hard hat
Tighten that tool belt
Around that manly waist
And strip me and caulk me
And glue me and seal me
And sand me and stain me,
Spackle and plaster me senseless
And rebuild my life
Reshape my life
Restyle my life
Restore my life
To la vie en rose.

Quand il me prend dans ses bras...